7 pins US15 Small Format Interchangeable Core(SFIC)

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Key Features

* Small format interchangable core (SFIC)


* Interchangeable & re-keyable cylinder core 


* Brass material, US15 surface finished 


* 7 pins small format interchangeable core (SFIC) 


* The cylinder core with 7-pin tumbler mechanism 

* Keyed Different (KD)

* US15 finish


* With 1 nickel silver control key for insertion and extraction of the core, no screwdriver

and tool needed.


* With 2 nickel silver operating keys to lock and unlock.


* Best "A" keyway


* 10,000,000 key combinations


* w/o logo


* Made in Taiwan


* N.W: 90g per piece




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  • Minimum Order:1
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